(90 mins) Anti Stress Hot Stone Treatment

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(Duration 90 mins) The heat from the natural stones also has a calming effect which can help to relieve tension in the mind and body.

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  • Signature Lemongrass Tea
  • Relaxing Foot Bath Ceremony
  • 60mins Hot Stone Massage
  • 30mins Full Body Scrub
  • Signature Ginger Tea

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Treatment

Hot stone therapy is unique in that it promotes relaxation at deeper levels than many other massage techniques.

Following are a few benefits of this unique approach:

  • Improves circulation by expanding blood vessels
  • Relieves tension & muscle stiffness
  • Allows access to deep muscle layers
  • Promotes pain relief from many chronic conditions
  • Improves immunity & digestion
  • Assists in body detoxification
  • Increases joint flexibility & mobility



90 minutes


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