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HCG Health and Slimming Programme


HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a glycoprotein hormone produced from the embroys of women during pregnancy. This hormone, was discoverd in the 1950s to be highly valuable in the treatment of obesity. 


The HCG diet plan is absolutely spectacular in its effectiveness. Recent new information released indicates that not only does HCG help you lose weight fast, but also it helps to cure diabetes! A new HCG study shows that, this treatment doesnt only help in losing weight, but also boost insulin levels and metabolism. 


The HCG health and slimming program includes a thirty days of injection to be done by the client him/herself at home, and also requires a very strict diet. The whole program includes three phases. Per course takes around 30days, averagely will lose up to 20kgs. The HCG injection will help the patient to control appettite, burn fat, increase metabolism rate,etc. In Medi Aesthetic, we do provide meal plan as well.


Phase one (loading fat) :

Probably the most important and also absolutely critical to success although its commonly known as the 'honeymoon phase'. During the first day of the HCG injection to the second/third day, clients are require to consume as much of high caloric and fat food. The body will attempt to deposit new fat cells and lipids, but the HCG hormone will begin to stop it from doing so. In another word, the body is telling itself: hey! it's time to start working, and also to let the body getting used to the HCG effect. No worries! You woudnt gain much weight as the HCG will help in controlling appettite, fat burning and also increase metabolism rate.


Phase two (Diet State) :

The most challenging for dieters. It requires strict caloric intake between 500-700 calories/day. It can be done by focusing on lean protein (such as, skinless chicken, turkey, fish, etc) during the two major meals (lunch and dinner), and also coffee and tea (without sugar) for breakfast. You're require to give up food which contains starch, cooking oil, sugar, milk creamer, bean products,etc. We do provide clients with a meal plan. You woudn't feel as much of discomfort physically as the HCG injection controls your appettite. However, the mental stress might kick in as you're require to control the urge of consuming most of our local food. 


Phase three (Maintaning and Resting State)

REST! Also known as the 'stability phase'. By far everybody's favourite period of the HCG diet plan (and honestly the most critical as well). Caloric intake is returned to between 1200-1500/day, but the low fat and no milk portions of the diet remain to keep the body free of external unnatural hormones. Some clients actually continue to lose weight during this phase. Not suprisingly they come back into their HCG diet plan after 30days even happier than when they left!


Our HCG Slimming Programme is priced at 

1. RM5800 per course for 30 days

2. RM7800 two courses for 60 days

Price includes:

�  Consultation with our medical aestheticians

�  Blood sampling to ensure suitability

�  Customized Meal Plan

�  HCG injection kit



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